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Flower leaves imprints of happiness in our lives. It has such an amazing quality of creating positive aura all around by pulling out the negativity from the environment with its fragrance. Flowers play a significant role in our lives. Giving a flower to anyone, even to stranger one, no matter how much he is tense, a flower always gives a smile to his face. Flowers leaves the everlasting impression of love, happiness, gratitude and surprise on the minds of the receiver. But offering the same flowers everytime to your loved one seems like an hour of loss. We understand it is quite boring! You always want something different. When emotions are eternal then why not flowers should be! It’s not a herculean task for us because our team of youngins always endeavor to add new flowers in our assortment. FlowersIndiatoday has a wide array of unique flowers that you won’t find anywhere.


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FlowersIndiatoday- New but trustworthy!

New things always attract than the older one! FlowersIndiatoday is a unique and fresh chapter in the modern e-commerce world, welcoming the customer by presenting the latest online flowers. Have you ever browse flowers on the internet? The main thing that you will notice its variety. Variety- the primary aim of our website on which we work. FlowersIndiatoday puts the main focus on delivering the fresh flower to the customer. If you are tired of searching flowers online then come to our website At, FlowersIndiatoday, you will find a rare and unique range of flowers, making ourselves different from other. The pioneering concept of online flowers is developed by a group of youngsters, making the website a brand by providing a solution for everybody’s floral needs. We are well known for the unique and classy arrangements of flowers, wrapped with whole love. The determined efforts of our team are considered as successful when we receive good reviews of satisfied customers in our review section. So, for experiencing the best online flowers and customer support, visit and enjoy the best online flowers shopping.

Order online flowers from FlowersIndiatoday

Flower leaves imprints of happiness in our lives. It has such an amazing quality of creating positive aura all around by pulling out the negativity from the environment with its fragrance. Flowers play a significant role in our lives. Giving a flower to anyone, even to stranger one, no matter how much he is tense, a flower always gives a smile to his face. Flowers leaves the everlasting impression of love, happiness, gratitude and surprise on the minds of the receiver. But offering the same flowers everytime to your loved one seems like an hour of loss. We understand it is quite boring! You always want something different. When emotions are eternal then why not flowers should be! It’s not a herculean task for us because our team of youngins always endeavor to add new flowers in our assortment. FlowersIndiatoday has a wide array of unique flowers that you won’t find anywhere.


Break the depression, anxiety, and agitation of sad souls by presenting online flowers of FlowersIndiatoday. In other sense, it is a small initiative in declining the rate of depression, which is 4.5% of India’s population. FlowersIndiatoday is today’s youth making a contribution to the society by providing the best delivery service of the online flowers and making people’s life easy and better than before. So, come on, add new life, new beauty, new freshness and new happiness with online delivery of flowers from FlowersIndiatoday at your desirable place.  

A countless variety of online flowers at FlowersIndiatoday

A voice or video call or text message is quite normal these days. We agree that the technology declines the long distances to some extent. But, do these kinds of things really make your loved ones feel special on occasions? Think about it. A call or message is not enough to adore the moment. Send lovely flowers to them by ordering it online from FlowersIndiatoday. Don't forget to attach a  beautiful handwritten note with it. The flower isn’t just an important thing, it’s everything that delivers your emotions from abroad to India with an ease.


That is why, FlowersIndiatoday has come up with the exotic range of flowers online, making the moment joyous for both sender and receiver. You can prefer this as a floral gift for spreading the broader smile to their face. Red flowers of Roses, Carnation flower, Lilies flowers, Orchid flower, Gerbera flower are used in bouquet or bunches that you can easily choose from our astonishing floral array. But if you are looking for some uncommon and unique flowers that you won’t find anywhere, then you are at the righteous platform. FlowersIndiatoday has all that matches to your floral needs. But why are we saying ourselves different? It is because of our unmatchable collection of flowers arrangements. Our upcoming flowers like Tulip flower, Dahlia flower, Sunflower, Poppy flowers, are added in bouquet or bunches for making the arrangements more adorable and wonderful. Share your heartiest feeling with your loved ones by ordering a nice flower bouquet from FlowersIndiatoday. Hundreds of emotions are also wrapped in the bouquet of flowers tied with a colorful ribbon, strengthening your relationship even more strongly. The flower arrangements trend evolve over time, we recognize this and improves the style of flower arrangements in the trendiest way. Our flowers are nicely sorted in baskets, bunches and bouquets, wrapped with colorful papers and cellophane packing that will please your mind and soul. Send flowers online to India and come closer to the one who is missing you from a long time.


Nothing can beat the charm of an occasion when it is adorned with beguiling flowers. All the events or occasion seems to be incomplete without beautiful and fetching flowers decoration. FlowersIndiatoday offers you numerous kinds of flowers that exist in different colors and each has its own meaning and representation. Marigold flower, Jasmine flower, Daisy flower, Champa flowers, Mogra flowers, Hibiscus flower are some of the beautiful florals which are indispensable for all celebrations. FlowersIndiatoday appends all these flowers in our wide array of flowers. Become an integral part of every prayer or wedding occasion or wedding anniversary and help your relatives with flowers decoration by sending it online from our website We guarantee the freshness of flower should be delivered at your doorstep.


FlowersIndiatoday is a best opportunity for them who are staying in abroad for job or studies purposes. This is a simple gesture that will make your loved one in India very happy. Make a way for happiness, enjoyment and celebration with online flowers.

Online flowers at FlowersIndiatoday for expressing feelings & celebrating an occasion

FlowersIndiatoday has included top picks of flowers that fit perfectly into every occasion.  These beautiful blossoms are offered as a gift in a bevy of occasions like weddings, festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. FlowersIndiatoday offers you an exclusive flower arrangements and bouquets for every occasion. So, have a look on the points listed below, mentioning how flower making your occasion better and best.

1. Flowers for date

The excitement and buzz of the first date is always an inexpressible kind of feeling. But it is also a little bit stressful situation as some guesswork is involved in choosing the right flowers for your date. Flowers are the romantic gestures that can surely make your first impression, a memorable one. A date without red roses always seems incomplete. Giving a red rose to your date express your love more than your words. You can also make a choice of other flowers too. Like you can gift White Lilies to elegant women, Orchids to modern women and Carnations to dynamic women. You can also present a bouquet of mixed roses that doesn’t harm their emotions at all. Buy it online from and make a great impression with the floral gifts.

2. Birthday flowers

Give a kick start to your another awesome year on birthday. Who knows birthday celebration better than youngins? FlowersIndiatoday, a team of young people, making the celebration more fragrant and elegant with the sweet-smelling flowers which are nurtured and handpicked by the expert florist. Address the celebration with loads of happiness and joy by presenting a lovely bouquet of Lilies, Orchids and Gerberas.  But why these flowers? Because its color, looks and fragrance are best suited for this occasion and also have a different meaning. The Lilies represent happiness and positivity, Orchids for giving a lovely surprise and Gerberas for innocence and cheerfulness. They are a great-all-rounder flower, ideal for this birthday occasion.

3. Mother’s Day flowers

Mother is like a flower, all are beautiful and unique. Mother’s day is a day of celebrating the motherhood. Say your mother that “you are best” or “you are the best mom in the whole world” by sending a bouquet of Carnations, Tulips and Lilies to your mother. These flowers are all perfect for honoring this day. Treat your mom with this bright and beautiful floral on Mother’s day even if you are living in abroad. Our speedy online flowers delivery will send it to India. We are sure your mum will love this.

4. Father’s day flowers

Father is a superhero of the family who never tells you that he loves you, but he shows his love by fulfilling your basic needs and supporting you in every situation. Father’s day is celebrated for realizing him that he is very special for his family. But what about if you live far away from home in abroad, either by choice or perhaps not? In that case, what would you do to surprise him? Don’t feel tensed as FlowersIndiatoday is all set to mark this day with love and care. But how? We have an idea. Treat your far away dad by ordering and sending flowers online that will truly make him feel delighted. You can order a bouquet of flowers like White Lilies, Bright Yellow flowers of Rose, Tulip and Sunflowers. These flowers are a symbol of warmth, grace, elegance and love. Send flowers online to India from FlowersIndiatoday and make your superhero feel special who is waiting for your warm hug and wishes.

6. Valentine’s day flowers

Ah, romance! Nothing is heart-fluttering than a candlelight dinner with some auspicious flowers on the day dedicated to celebrating love in our lives- Valentine’s day. This day is most awaited, most celebrated, most enjoyed by the young hearts on 14th February. The day when everything else takes a back seat and every moment is cherished with the feeling of togetherness, most importantly love. Flowers express your unspeakable love to your loved ones with its sweet fragrance. For valentines day, Red roses are the most popular choice of all. This red flower conveys your love desires you have for her and turns up the juncture into an unforgettable one.  Love has no boundaries. However, distances make the bond stronger. Make an online delivery of bouquet or bunches of flowers from FlowersIndiatoday, bringing you closer even if you stay far from your loved one.

7. Wedding anniversary flowers

A wedding anniversary is one of the special dates on the calendar for couples to celebrate their journey from the newlyweds to the long-lasting partners. Flowers are the most popular anniversary gifts as they are a gesture of love, romance and beauty. The emotional values for the anniversary have never changed for the couples but the choice for the gift varies from time to time. Today, the gifting trend is changed to some extent. On wedding anniversary, couples usually gift bunches, basket or bouquet of flowers like Rose, Pink flowers of Gerberas & Carnations to each other and also do decoration with some beautiful flowers like  Marigold flower, Jasmine flower, Daisy flower and many more. These beautiful and sweet-smelling florals are available on our website You just need to order it online and get it delivered at your specified location.

8. “I am sorry” flowers

Saying sorry can be a difficult task. FlowersIndiatoday can help you out of this situation by presenting flowers online to the one who is sad or angry. It can boost the chance for forgiveness, convey your true expression of regret and heals the situation in a better manner. And also considered as the most finer way of repairing the bond of love and kinship. Flowers like White Lily, Orchids and Yellow Rose are a symbol of love, goodness and innocence that will cheered-up your loved one. Express your heartfelt apology and speak your word “I am sorry!” by sending fragrance of flowers bouquet online using our website We are pretty sure that our online flowers will remove the bitterness of hatred from your relations and bring a broad smile to their faces. Order flowers online from FlowersIndiatoday and makes them feel special and marvelous.

9. Get well soon flowers

If your friend or relative is ailing in the hospital, send him or her get well soon flowers. But why flowers? Because it is a positive thing that always brings a positive effect on health. Flowers are enchanting mood filters and charming creation of God that makes us feel good even in the worst conditions of life. They are the motivational gestures that brighten up their day with its fragrance and make them feel better. FlowersIndiatoday contains a collection of get well soon flowers bouquet at the website. Send these flowers to the one who is feeling a little unwell. The bouquet of Gerbera flower and White Daisy flower are the perfect get well soon arrangements at Bright and cheery Daisies and Pink flower of Gerbera is an ideal flower choice, for sending a get well soon message. You can order this online from FlowersIndiatoday and send it to the one who is sick or ill.

10.Thank you flowers

Has someone done something special for you or help you in harder times of life? Saying “thank you” to someone is a nice way to show your gratitude. But if it is accompanied with flowers then it can express your appreciations in a lovely manner and also maintains your both personal and professional relationships. Thank you flowers are the best way to make it happen and also allow you to showcase your feelings. But what kind of flower is perfect for this? Rose, Gerberas, Sunflower and Tulips are some of the thank you flowers that can express your exact emotions and say your words with its lovely appearance. FlowersIndiatoday has a catalog of fresh thank you flowers for you to choose from. If the one living in abroad wants to say thanks to their parents for giving a wonderful life then send thank you flowers online by ordering it from FlowersIndiatoday.

11. Housewarming flowers

New beginnings really give new freshness in life. Like buying a new house is one of the proudest moments of an individual’s life.  This is the best investment that is going to be the keepsake of memories and the source of happiness for years to come. Housewarming event is a beautiful day which indicates the happy days to come. Welcome this happiness by decorating new house with lovely flowers that enhance the positive aura in and all around the house. Flowers decorations with Marigold flower, Jasmine flower, Daisy flower, Champa flower, Mogra flower & Hibiscus flower, always bring luck, charm and prosperity in one’s life. One can also send congratulatory wishes with flowers on this auspicious occasion by sending it online from FlowersIndiatoday. We are making this ceremony more beautiful by offering necessary flowers for decorating the new house.  Just visit and take a step ahead into your new life and happiness.

12. Friendship day flower

Friends are those special people, outside our family who mean so much in our lives. Friendship is a beautiful relationship and to celebrate this beautiful bond, nothing can beat the beauty of flowers. Friendship day celebration is not always easy when you are far away from your friend. But with FlowersIndiatoday, you can now easily send best bouquet of flowers online. We offer an exclusive range of friendship day flowers online that you cannot find anywhere else. Suffice it to say, yellow flowers are the first choice of friends and you can never go wrong with the Yellow Rose, Carnations and Gerberas. Our stunning arrangements of these yellow flowers express warm feelings of friendship and optimism and also add more enjoyment in this beautiful occasion. Our fantastic flower arrangements will surely reunite the old friends who don’t talk regularly and helps in celebrating those special moments that they have spent together.  Visit and buy flowers online with ease.

13. Raksha Bandhan flowers

Raksha Bandhan- a day of celebrating the siblinghood! Celebrate this unvarnished sheen of the brother-sister relationship by tying a Rakhi on the brother’s wrist. But, if you are living in abroad, then what would you do? Don’t worry at all. Our floral gifts will definitely bring a warm smile to your loved ones face. Reaffirm the brotherly and sisterly love by sending flowers online to India easily by ordering it from Our team of young, enthusiastic people puts all their efforts in making your celebrations more lovely and memorable. When your sister or brother in India, receive the lovely arrangements of flowers at their doorstep, they will definitely get emotional.  

14. Cheer up flowers for Congratulatory wishes

Beautiful floral arrangements are the best way to acknowledge life’s most impactful moments. Whether you are congratulating someone on graduation, promotions, a new baby or scoring good marks, flowers are the best congratulatory gesture. Offering bouquet or bunches of flowers of their favorite color is the right way to say congratulations. Flowers that are ideal for saying congratulations are Pink flowers of Gerberas, Sunflowers, Lilies, Orchids, Carnations and Daisies.  These flowers are available in beautiful arrangements, basket, bouquet or bunches wrapped beautifully with colorful paper or cellophane packing. You can easily order these flowers from our website and paid off a small gesture from you to the one who is enjoying new happiness.

Send flowers online to India from USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Dubai, Australia & New Zealand

Hundreds of Indians immigrate every year for a different lifestyle, for higher studies or for job purposes. But in the boast of a different life, knowingly or unknowingly we leave behind our biggest treasures of life- friends, family or relatives. But, in today’s modern and digital world, technology has shorter the long distances. Now, you can be the part of every occasion and events, by sending floral gifts online anywhere in India. Occasions are the perfect time for family gathering, but your absence will make them feel alone. You can decline the loneliness from the events, by sending your love wrapped in the bouquet of flowers online. Our team of floral design specialists creates flower bouquet using a variety of flowers like Orchids, Daisies, Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Roses making it really mesmerizing and flowers used for decorations like Marigold, Mogra, Jasmine and many more. If you are not able to attend the sister’s, friend’s or cousin’s wedding, then you can be the part of wedding planning by sending flowers of decoration to them. Send flowers to India and bring broad smiles to their faces.

Send flowers online to your loved ones

Send flowers online to the one whom you love the most in this world. They can be your friend, siblings, parents, relatives or anyone. Express your heartiest feelings and love to the special one for whom your heart beats faster and seems like the whole world stops for some moment. we are talking about your true love. Give them a beautiful bouquet of flowers of love to him/ her and make the moment more romantic and lovely. Our dedicated team of youth furnishes new ideas for bringing the nice range of flowers that includes unique flowers for showcasing your every emotion.

Online flowers delivery at your doorstep

FlowersIndiatoday, is a one-stop solution of online flowers delivery.  We have a surfeit of delivery options available on our website If the good products are not delivered at your desirable place on time then the whole moment of happiness turned into the bad one. We offer the below-listed deliveries

1. Same day delivery

Give an unexpected delivery of flowers online at the doorstep of your loved ones. The same day delivery option is one of the best options of our website. If you forget your loved one’s special day, then you can gift flowers bouquet and mark this occasion in a better way.

2. Midnight delivery

Pamper your relations by ordering a nice bouquet of flowers online from Get the delivery of it at mid 12:00 am. We added this delivery service for adoring your loved one’s special day. This delivery service is perfect for giving a beautiful surprise at midnight. Our delivery experts will bring your flowers with whole care and make your moment classy.

3. Fixed time delivery

Want your order delivered at your specified time? No problem. We are here with our fixed time delivery service making your flowers delivered at your specified time. If you want to send flowers on Raksha Bandhan, friendship day or new year, or anniversary then you can easily order it online without any hassles. The beauty of flowers definitely steal the hearts of your heartiest one without any doubt.  So, don’t forget to buy flowers from our website See the cheerful and blushing faces of your loved ones on receiving our beautiful creations.

4. Earliest 4 hours delivery

Forget your loved ones special day? Don’t have time to buy flowers from the shop? Then visit our website, select the best flowers according to your choice and send it online using our earliest 4 hours delivery option. This will save you from their anger and also surprise them with the presence of lovely and exotic flowers.


So, now you are well known with the basic concept and main aim of our website Then hurry up! order the flowers bouquet online with no hesitation. Have a safe and nice shopping experience on our website!


Please feel free to post the review in our review section box. This will keep us motivated to do better.