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FlowersIndiaToday presents a wide range of exclusive gifts to assist you in expressing your heartfelt emotions for your special ones. In the fast packing world, we have forgotten to admire the real blessings in our lives - our beloved people. Therefore, birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions are the perfect opportunities to admire our near and dear ones. Gifts are the ideal medium to amaze loved ones. Nowadays, it's easy to order gifts online from online gift portals. So, order gift online and present to your near and dear ones. FlowersIndiaToday provides online gifts delivery so that you can easily convey your emotions. So, order gifts online and send  gift for same day online gift delivery or midnight online gift delivery.


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  1. Shimmering beauty
    Shimmering beauty
    Rs 2,149.00
  2. Colorful wishes
    Colorful wishes
    Rs 3,049.00
  3. Gesture of happiness
    Gesture of happiness
    Rs 3,199.00
  4. Emotionally Touch
    Emotionally Touch
    Rs 799.00
  5. Flawless celebration
    Flawless celebration
    Rs 1,899.00
  6. Radiant charm
    Radiant charm
    Rs 1,349.00
  7. Heavenliness hamper
    Heavenliness hamper
    Rs 1,999.00
  8. Artistic celebration
    Artistic celebration
    Rs 1,399.00
  9. Spectacular deal
    Spectacular deal
    Rs 2,199.00
  10. Heart Stealer
    Heart Stealer
    Rs 1,149.00
  11. Blooming charm
    Blooming charm
    Rs 1,749.00
  12. Marvelous gift
    Marvelous gift
    Rs 899.00
  13. Show stopper
    Show stopper
    Rs 1,499.00
  14. Day starter
    Day starter
    Rs 566.00
  15. Thrilling gesture
    Thrilling gesture
    Rs 1,199.00
  16. Galore of delights
    Galore of delights
    Rs 799.00
  17. Strings of love
    Strings of love
    Rs 849.00
  18. Blissful celebration
    Blissful celebration
    Rs 1,149.00
  19. Aromatic friendship
    Aromatic friendship
    Rs 1,999.00
  20. Ravishing delights
    Ravishing delights
    Rs 2,449.00
  21. Enchanting bloom
    Enchanting bloom
    Rs 1,099.00
  22. Exciting hamper
    Exciting hamper
    Rs 1,899.00
  23. Exuberance wishes
    Exuberance wishes
    Rs 1,399.00
  24. Valentine surprise
    Valentine surprise
    Rs 1,799.00
  25. Entranced beauty
    Entranced beauty
    Rs 1,799.00
  26. Loaded with blessings
    Loaded with blessings
    Rs 2,299.00
  27. Angelic radiance
    Angelic radiance
    Rs 1,649.00
  28. Made with love
    Made with love
    Rs 1,749.00
  29. Heartilicious Celebration
    Heartilicious Celebration
    Rs 1,399.00
  30. Rainbow of happiness
    Rainbow of happiness
    Rs 1,599.00
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Items 1-30 of 51

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FlowersIndiatoday Presents Online Gift Delivery with an Ease

FlowersIndiatoday is a team of young and passionate minds equipped with creativity and the crave to establish a name that you can bank upon. We endeavor to attain excellence in whatever we do. The strategy of providing gifts online strikes when we have witnessed the unforeseen situation that has prevailed when a person tried to send same day gift online to surprise their dear one. The havoc that hits in that situation was severe. So, from there we have pledged that we will provide online gifts for everyone so that one can order gifts online and send gifts to their loved one's doorstep conveniently. We understand the sentiments that are attached with gifts and hence we have come up with impeccable delivery services so that you can conveniently send your emotions wrapped in gifts.

Gifts are the magical way to sweeten the bond between senders and receivers. The kind of gift that an individual sends to another can illustrate how close the two persons are beside interacting certain messages. Gifts are the way to reach in the heart of beloved ones.  Therefore, if you are seeking for unusual gifts online, then FlowersIndiatoday is the right platform. From here, you can send gifts for occasions like birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, wedding and many more. Enjoy our hassle-free online gift delivery service and let your loved ones know that how special they are in your life. An online gift delivery has proved to be a boon in the relationships. So, don’t wait and order gifts online to get an impeccable delivery.

Express your Affection Towards your Loved Ones with Online Gifts - Send Gifts Now!

Every relation holds a great significance and it’s your responsibility to strengthen the relation.  Relations are like seeds which need to be nourished frequently. It should be held tightly with a magical root and love is that magical root which can be clinched it forever. Express your love and affection to your special one by presenting amazing gifts. Gifts the medium that assists you to express your immortal love and affection to your special one. The act of presenting a gift can extort a glimpse of positive emotions to the giver, that undoubtedly is an entirely possible that the sender may experience more pleasure than the receiver of the gift. Exchanging gifts is a vital communication that heightens the bond between family and friends for sure. When emotions become hard to hold then it's better to express. Now, speak out the emotions of your heart by presenting a beautiful gift. Your gifts should be captivating enough to steal the heart of your special someone. FlowersIndiatoday deals in such kind of love confessing gifts. So, scroll down our fantastic collection and order gift online for your special one. Get online gift delivery right at the desired doorstep.

Send Gifts Online to Cherish your Relationship

The time when you have taken birth in this world, you get wrapped with many relations. Relationships play a vital role in the life of everyone. If your relationship is the most uncommon that don't depend on being close or miles separated at that point, it's your opportunity to make this relationship loaded with love and affection. We at FlowersIndiatoday are here to assist you delighting your special one living far away from you.  Here is a wide range of online gifts that you can choose from. Our gifts include cakes, flowers, teddy bears, sweet treat and other lovely gifts. In a matter of simply a few clicks, you can basically buy gifts online. Indeed, even to enable you to design a joyous surprise for adoring sweetheart, there is the conveyance for mid-night online gift delivery services. Else there is same day online gifts delivery service as express delivery service. Gifts enable to strengthen the bond with your loved ones. So, send gifts online to adore your special one.

Array of Online Gifts for your Beloved Ones

The availability of massive collection of gifts enables in choosing the ideal gift for near and dear ones. The striking gifts have the power to bring a cute smile on the faces of beloved ones. Gifts are the source of happiness and if you want to be a reason for the pleasure of your loved ones, then you have visited the right platform. Here, you will find the different types of gifts  for your near and dear ones.

1. Cakes

A delicious cake is the sweetest gift that you can give to your loved ones. The richness of this gift will heighten the day of your loved ones. It a delicious gift which you can give to your parents, friends, siblings and relatives on special days and occasions. There are different types of cakes available in different flavors, sizes as well as designs. Some of the popular cakes are red velvet, chocolate, black forest, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, butterscotch, fruit cake and many more. Some of the designs are round, rectangle, heart-shape, double heart-shape and customised cakes. You can pep-up the celebration of your loved ones by ordering and sending a delicious cake to their doorstep. It will be the best gift which will not only delight the taste buds of your loved ones but also make them feel extra special.

2. Flowers

The enthralling beauty of flowers can be the best gift for every occasion. They are considered to be the best gift that can steal the heart of near and dear ones with their gorgeous appearance and mesmeric look. They are always the best gift when you want to express deeper meanings to someone. They are not only beautiful but fragrant too. They exude love, care, affection, respect, purity and elegance. They are the purest gift which one can give their special one to express the purity of love. They are available in different colors, varieties and unique arrangements. Now there is no need to discover for a florist in the market because now you can easily order flowers online and get it delivered to the desired destination. FlowersIndiatoday has a huge collection of floral gifts so you can easily shop for the best floral gifts online. You can shop for flower bouquets, bunches, heart-shape arrangement, alphabet shape arrangement, 2-tier arrangement, 3-tier arrangement and many more. Infuse happiness in the life of your near and dear ones by ordering and sending floral gifts to your loved one's doorstep from FlowersIndiatoday.

3. Teddy Bear

Gifts are the fantastic way to express emotions without uttering even a single word. They silently strengthen the bond. Teddy bear is one the cutest and adorable gift which you can give to your dear ones to win their heart. Surprise your loved ones on their precious days by ordering and sending teddy bears. Soft toys are the fantastic gifts which will never go out of fashion. So, go ahead and place your order for cute and cuddly teddy bear from FlowersIndiatoday.

4. Chocolates

Gifting someone extraordinary, extravagant chocolates of a quality that releases a blast of flavors when put in the mouth is undoubtedly justified. Chocolates are the sweet gifts which you can order and send to your loved ones easily. The creamy, chocolaty, crispy and crunchiness of the chocolates will drool the taste buds of your loved ones.

5. Combo gifts

The pairing of cake, flowers, teddy bear, chocolates etc resulted in wonderful combo gifts. Explore our extensive collection of combo gifts and choose the best one that will delight your near and dear ones. FlowersIndiatoday deals in gorgeous combo gifts so that you can’t be lack of variety when it comes to purchasing the gift for your beloved ones. So, don’t wait anymore and order gifts online now!

Flexible online gifts Delivery  for Every Occasion - Order and Send Gifts Now!

Festivals or Occasions are the perfect celebrations that enable to delight near and dear ones. Gifts enhance the celebrations with their appealing looks and the emotions attached with them. Have a look at exciting gifts based on occasions offered by FlowersIndiatoday;

1. Anniversary Gifts

Finding a suitable gift for anniversary may seem impossible and daunting however with FlowersIndiatoday it’s possible to exhilarate your partner with unusual gifts. Anniversaries are the significant milestones so you should celebrate it in a grand style. Your partner deserves the best gifts on the anniversary day. So buy a gorgeous gift for your partner and astonish your partner like never before. When you scroll for online anniversary gifts delivery, you will find not only fabulous gifts but also the exclusive discounts and deals. So, order gift online for your partner and get a smooth online delivery.

2. Housewarming Gifts

Moving to a new house is a joyous occasion and it is an imperative milestone in our lives. Generally, the new homeowner will welcome companions and relatives over for a housewarming party, keeping in mind the end goal to restore the cordiality got before, and to flaunt the new house. If you are also invited on such an occasion, then it’s essential that you should present a wonderful housewarming gift to congratulate them. If you are perplexed what to gift on the housewarming, then browse our gift category and choose the perfect one. We provide an excellent collection of housewarming gifts so that your gift should be the best one amongst the others.

If you are unable to visit the desired place, then you can send gifts to convey your warm regards and congratulations. Go ahead and shop from our wide assortments and choose the most wonderful one. Order gift online and send gift for a hassle-free delivery.

3. Friendship Day Gifts

Friends are an invaluable gift who makes our life a lot happier and delightful. Friendship is a beautiful bond that ties two or more heart with a single thread called ‘friendship’. The immortal love that exists between friends can’t be described in words. Friendship day is the best occasion to delight your loving. Celebrate the most wonderful bond by gifting an awesome gift to your friends. Win the heart of your friends with our fantastic gifts. Our gifts are specially invented by keeping in mind the sentiments of your friends. So, don’t stress too much just go ahead and place your order for online gifts now.

Our impeccable delivery service will surely infuse more love and happiness into your friendship bond. Whether your best friend is a girl or a boy our extraordinary gifts will surely amaze them with their fascinating beauty and unique emotions attached with it. So, send gifts online and let your friends know that how much you love and care for them.

4. Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s a wonderful feeling to spill in love. It’s indeed, the pure spirits of love is experienced when you gift your partner something extravagant which is associated with the legitimate emotions. Now, it’s not enough to say those three magical words, in fact, add a deep meaning to your feelings with adorable gifts. Gifts are the epitome of love, care, romance and affection. Valentine’s day is recognised as the day to celebrate the essence of love. The day is celebrated with great zest all over the world. On this day couples try to unturn every rock which becomes a hindrance in searching for the best gift for their partner. If you are still searching for the best valentine’s day gift for your partner, then you have visited the right platform. FlowersIndiatoday provides you with a cluster of lovely gifts which will definitely steal the heart of your partner when you will gift them. Sprinkle your love and affection on your partner by admiring them with a stunning gift. Choose our flexible delivery service and surprise your partner in a unique style.

5. Raksha Bandhan Gifts

Raksha Bandhan is the divine occasion to commemorate the love between brothers and sisters. In fact, the connotation of Raksha Bandhan is indisputable. The word Raksha Bandhan entails a beautiful meaning. ‘Raksha’ means ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan ‘ means ‘tie’. The celebration takes place when sisters tie a holy thread around the wrist of their brother and brothers take a pledge to protect their sisters from negativities throughout the life. This pledge is often accompanied with stunning gifts such as cake, flowers, chocolates, teddy bear and many more. The festival depicts the unconditional love that prevails between brothers and sisters.

So, delight your siblings with fantastic rakhi gifts and let them know how much you love and care for them. But what will you do if you are away from your siblings and desperately wants to mark your presence on the rakhi occasion? Worry not! We at FlowersIndiatoday are here to provide you with a prompt rakhi gift delivery at the doorstep of your siblings.  So, go ahead and order gifts online without giving a second thought.

6. Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a religious ceremony that binds two people with each other for the entire life. It’s a celebration that is shared with family, friends, relatives and dear ones. The wedding gifts are creative gifts that make the couples more enthusiastic. If you are planning to congratulate your friend on his/her wedding, then your gift must be attractive enough to bring a cute smile on his/her face. Shopping for a fantastic gift needs time but if you have a busy schedule then it's hard to go market and buy a gorgeous wedding gift. At this point of time, online gift store plays a vital role. With the availability of online gift portals it's easier to shop for the best gift as they have numerous varieties under a single slot and hence to save your time as well, FlowersIndiatoday is a beautiful platform that provides you online gifts for wedding ceremony so that you can buy an adorable gift for your friend. Now, wish your friend Happy Married life by placing your order online from here. Send gifts by using our different delivery slots.

7. Mothers Day Gifts

The women who bring forth you deal with you and help you to prevail in your life is your Mother. There could be no ideal word to portray mother, as there is a limitlessness love bond between a  child and her mom which can never be clarified. She is the one who becomes acquainted with everything about her child regardless of whether you stay silent before her. She just feels your quietness and feelings as she cherishes you genuinely. To respect and pay regard to her you can send gifts online on mothers day. Our broad gathering of gifts for mothers day gives you a chance to cheer her. So, feel free to order gifts online for your Mom from FlowersIndiatoday.

8. Fathers Day Gifts

Your beloved father bolsters you for the duration of your life. He is there when no one is with you. He remains by you through each thick and thin. You can’t even ignore his presence even for a single second. We at FlowersIndiatoday comprehend that you need to convey your sentiments to your father.

What's more, FlowersIndiatoday acts as the saviour when words you are short of words. Our plethora of gifts allows you to buy a suitable gift for your beloved father. Wish him Happy Fathers Day with unusual gifts available at our online gift store. Just order gifts online and see the magic of our gifts!

9. New Year Gifts

Commemorate the beginning of one or more year with our thoughtful gifts. Send your new year wishes and blessings in the form of gifts from FlowersIndiatoday. Our gifts are created by keeping in mind the emotions of your loved ones. So, rely upon for a swift delivery at your loved ones’ doorstep. We know that your New Year gifts hold great importance, so that’s why we also provide same day new year gift delivery service. So, order and send gifts to wish Happy New Year to your loved ones.

Online Birthday Gifts from FlowersIndiatoday

A birthday is one exceptionally unique day, which is commended as the day you have taken the birth in this wonderful world. The day is commemorated with great enthusiasm by everyone irrespective of age or gender. People love to receive wishes and blessings. A delicious cake is another speciality of birthday celebration. Birthday cakes are the best way to illuminate the birthday celebration.

Additionally, gifts are unexpected that people also get on their birthday. If it’s the birthday of your friend, relative or loved ones and you are want to surprise them with a wonderful gift, then FlowerIndiatoday is your one-stop destination for all your gifting need. Shop for your loved ones in a vast variety and order online easily. Proceed to checkout and sit relax. Your gift will be delivered right to the doorstep of your loved one. FlowersIndiatoday has made the gift ordering and sending process more comfortable with their flexible online gift delivery service.

Get Same Day Gift Delivery – FlowersIndiatoday

The up gradation in the technology has enabled everyone by providing excellent services with just a few clicks. Because of the enhancement in the technology things have turned out to be helpful particularly online shopping. People prefer to shop online to purchase the ideal present for their friends and family. Online gift stores provide a broader range of cakes, flowers, gifts and hence they have made the shopping process more manageable. Same day online gift delivery service will help you from ruining your extraordinary events. For example, if you don’t have enough time to go to the market and buy the desired gift for your dear ones then in such situations online gift portals play a significant role. We know that it’s hard to find a unique gift for precious one when you are running out of time.  Now, no more worries! Our same day delivery service will assist you to get your love and emotions attached with gift delivered to your loved ones.

Same day online gift delivery is a blessing for everybody who doesn’t want their events and occasions to get ruined because of little issues. By placing the order for same day gift delivery, your gift will be delivered to your desired location within a few hours.

Send gifts to India from USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Canada

Many people trust that for healthy and wonderful relations one must keep on trying. To keep up a sound relationship, one must comprehend the significance of little minutes and massive festivals. It is essential to share cheerful minutes, send gifts to India to your friends and family and continue remembering each other. Gifting is one such action that keeps up a connection and keeps every one of the relations close. Send gifts to India from USA, UK, Canada etc. and gratify your precious ones like you never did. A gift when received from such a miles distance than it holds a huge significance. The feelings and emotions carried by the gift are hard to define in words. Your loved one will surely be astonished when they will receive a gift from you when you are in abroad.


Surprise your Near and Dear Ones at Midnight with Midnight Gift Delivery

When you experience the magic of midnight gift delivery, you will feel like re-experiencing it again and again. The magic moment created by online gift delivery always cherished in memories. Now, with the advent in technology, discovering an online gift portal that guarantees midnight delivery is moderately simple and you ought to prefer a renowned online gift portal.  Attempt to investigate diverse sites and search for the range of the offered gifts and furthermore observe whether the gifts will win the heart of your loved ones at midnight or not. FlowersIndiatoday is a name on which you can rely upon for midnight gift delivery.

Be it birthday celebration, anniversary, Valentine’s day or any specific day, people send their love and emotions wrapped in the gifts at midnight to surprise their loved ones. If you want to exhilarate your special ones at midnight, then choose midnight gift delivery service and let them know that how much you love and care for them. Your gift will surely brighten the occasion of the receiver. So, buy and send gifts to brighten the occasions of your special one’s now!

Order Gifts Online from FlowersIndiatoday

Gifts are the medium to illuminate the day of everyone. They mark their presences on several occasions like birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, congratulation, farewell, housewarming and many more. Without gifts, it is entirely heartless to think about commemorating occasions, Undoubtedly, the world of gifts is quite a huge one and in the category of gifts, one has many options to choose from. Whether it’s a personalised gift or a simple gift, an individual can shop for any gift as per requirement. For instance, cake can be gifted on birthday, flowers can be gifted on farewell, the combo of cake and flowers can be gifted on the anniversary. Hence, the art of gifting is refining day by day. Order gifts online to heighten the joy of any celebration. Gifts add magic to the festival. So, add a dose of magic to any occasion by presenting a heart-throbbing gift to your loved ones. We at FlowersIndiatoday, are here for you in case you are not able to decide which gift will be perfect for your loved ones. Our gift gallery suggests the wonderful ideas which you can select and order the perfect gift online for precious ones. We have come up as a reliable online gift brand which means to serve customers in the ideal way. So, remove your all worries and place your order online from FlowersIndiatoday and get online gift delivery at the right time and right location.